The new tank-mate

Ladies and Gentlemen….

After six weeks of fish-based agony, Eddie has FINALLY arrived. Dh took a water sample for testing yesterday and the pet shop finally deemed it suitable for a second fish. FYI, the fish are better looked after than I am – Dh puts bottled water into their tank because apparently ‘London water isn’t very nice for them’. <insert LOLs here>

This morning, Dh took the girls back to the pet shop so that R could select Eddie. Here he is (bottom) with his lady-friend Maisy  (top):

Eddie looks tiddly compared to Maisy. She’s managed to grow considerably since she arrived in January, despite being on reduced rations for most of that time. He’s also a fantail goldfish, but his tail is fused and he doesn’t have the double tail ‘wafty’ effect that Maisy has.

Dh is rather happy because they are likely to outgrow their tank in the next year or two and he’ll just have to buy the larger, hexagonal tank that he originally wanted.

I’m happy that R finally has her own fish. She’s been very grown-up and patient about it through the saga of the multiple trips to the pet shop and endless chatter from G about Maisy.

Now that the fifth and sixth members of the HoT are here, my thoughts are turning to the extension of our pet menagerie. Watch this space…


2 thoughts on “The new tank-mate

  1. And to think they let us bring twins home from the hospital without a bloody clue about what we were doing – thank God the NHS doesn’t have the same standards as a pet shop!!

    • LOL! I still can’t get over how easy it was to buy the guinea pigs. I was expecting to have to fill in a questionnaire about our suitability to own hairy pets or something. I was shocked to walk out 15 minutes later with two creatures that involve far more care than the fish!

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