46 days of Lent

Inspired by a slightly odd combination of Father Ted and my Library Assistant, I’m going to ‘do’ Lent this year. I’m not a religious sort but I quite like the idea of committing to something for a set period of time. Mostly, people give up something they love. My (Atheist) colleague gives up alcohol and a whole range of foodstuffs each year. He combines this with a bit more exercise and ends up being a. Thinner and b. Richer by Easter. In Father Ted, the priests give up cigarettes, alcohol and rollerblading for a bet with disastrous consequences.

However, I’m not great at giving things up. I make grand plans to give up alcohol or chocolate or cheese for a calendar month (not for Lent) and usually fail spectacularly in a couple of days. Denying myself something makes it so attractive that it’s the *only* thing I can think about. My (limited) talents lie in goal achievement. Set me a challenge and I’ll try my hardest to reach and exceed it.

Therefore, for the next 46 days I’m going to write a blog post a day. Why? The challenge of sustained creativity appeals to me. Although I’m not planning to write screeds of text each day I don’t want to just write a series of inanities. Well, no more than usual… I want to see how much I can extract from my brain in a set period of time. I have a number of ideas for posts in my head and I’m so busy at the moment that I rarely get enough time to sit at my laptop and fashion them into something meaningful. The 46 days challenge will allow me to carve out time to blog. I’m also hoping that, as a by-product, I get some inspiration for a spot of creative writing.

Each post in the challenge will be tagged 46 Days and I’ll also be Tweeting @houseoftwins with the #46days hashtag.

Wish me luck!


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