The Resurrection of Doggy

Lo, it came to pass on the twenty-second day since his departure that G did receive a mysterious package. The envelope contained a small soft yellow canine bearing the name Marley. Dh threw his arms in the air and proclaimed with great joy that doggy had been to hospital and was now completely recovered from his malaise. G clutched Marley to her chest and shouted “HE’S BACK! DOGGY CAME BACK!”.

The residents of the HoT smiled benevolently at the return of doggy and fervently hoped that his homecoming would lead to a marked improvement in young G’s behaviour. Dh and JWo dropped to their knees and prayed that they would once again be able to sleep for a whole night without interruption. Thus far, their (non religious) prayers have been answered.

This blog post has been brought to you by a well-known auction website and an eagle-eyed sister-in-law.


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