The lonesome fish

Maisy remains an only fish. We went back to the pet shop to buy Eddie and were told that our water sample had too much ammonia in it and that they wouldn’t be able to sell us another fish until the sample was better.

I’m all for human rights and animal rights but this is starting to get a bit daft. I managed to carry twins full-term. Dh and I do a (reasonably) good job of raising two lively, healthy children. If we so wished (we don’t) we could get me duffed up again and have as many children as we liked, regardless of how emotionally and financially unprepared we would be. However, we aren’t fit to take home a second goldfish?!

Apparently we were feeding Maisy too much, which was effecting the quality of the water in the tank. She is now on reduced rations and only gets fed every other day, as opposed to the twice a day mega-feeds she was previously enjoying. Dh has been changing the percentage of water suggested and  – fingers crossed – we’re going to attempt to buy Eddie this weekend.

We were debating some tropical fish. Based on the goldfish saga I don’t think we’ll bother!


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