Marley Doggy Too

We haven’t found G’s doggy yet. Dh and I have been back into the supermarket where he and G parted ways a couple of weeks ago on several occasions since, but there’s been no sign of him. G seems to have accepted that he’s gone, although she often makes references to him in conversation:

“My doggy is still shopping. He’s eating lots of chocolate and will be back in two or three days”

“My doggy is lost in the supermarket”

G has slowly adopted R’s Marley (slightly less loved) over the last week or so. At first R was resistant. G took Doggy 2 to bed with her one night last week and when she woke up the next morning she held him aloft and shouted “DOGGY HAS COME BACK MUMMY! HE’S BACK! HE’S BACK!”, to which R replied sleepily from her bed “You’re just looking after my doggy G”. G looked crestfallen and immediately rejected D2.

We subsequently had a quiet word with R and asked if she minded G looking after her doggy as she was very sad about losing hers. R loves to feel superior to her sister (it’s a sibling thing), so has gone along with out plan and G is gradually making the replacement doggy her own.

It still doesn’t feel quite right though. I still hope that the original doggy will make a miraculous reappearance.


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