Lifting the lockdown

I admit it. I cracked. I’m not proud of it. I really, really wanted to clean the bathroom…

The girls have been on a bit of a children’s television embargo for the last few weeks and I finally allowed them to watch a couple of episodes of Something Special last week.In my defence, the bathroom needed a jolly good scrub and since the cleaner left (short, boring story) in December dh and I have been a bit rubbish at keeping up with things. He PROMISED me that he would clean it (as part of his ‘I’ll do more cleaning if we don’t get another cleaner’ agreement) and didn’t, so to save the inevitable argument I rolled up my sleeves and did it myself. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been forgotten…

(In case you think we’re a couple of slovenly slatterns, the bathroom gets a wipe over regularly but needed a proper deep clean…)

They have since watched a couple of episodes of Rastamouse (Dh practically cried with laughter at it and has been pottering around the house muttering CRUUUUUCIAL randomly; R just looked baffled by it) and today I finally let them watch two episodes of The Infernal Pig.

They weren’t exactly morning til bedtime telly watchers anyway (I reckon an hour at a time at most, with either dh or I sitting with them – it’s handy for a bit of quiet time in that post-lunch lull), but I have enjoyed the fact that they haven’t been whingeing to watch TV as much recently. R is currently obsessed with painting and would happily do it all day. G lives in G-land anyway and is usually constructing an imaginary world involving a cast of characters, animals and scenarios.

So, I gave in first and the lockdown has been officially lifted. It’s been an interesting experiment and proves that you don’t need to let them watch television. However, a half-hour of their favourite programmes every so often gives us all a well-earned break.

2 thoughts on “Lifting the lockdown

  1. I totally agree – it’s not as if they’re watching anything ‘trashy’! You sometimes need to get stuff done without ‘help’!

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