Meet Maisy

This is Maisy:

She’s a fantail goldfish and is the fifth member of the HoT crew.

We went to buy two fish but apparently you have to buy one to start with and, if you manage not to kill it, you can go back the following week (with a sample of water from the tank) and buy the second one. In my day, etc, etc.

Maisy was called Charlie until we were in the car on the way to the pet shop, at which point G had a change of heart. R seems pretty set on calling her fish (if we’re allowed to have another one) Eddie, but that may change between now and Sunday.

She’s fitted in well. We feed her every morning and evening and I’ve found myself chatting to her as I wander in and out of the kitchen. It’s nice to have her around. She seems unphased by her Spongebob-themed abode and, with her double tail, she’s very pretty. I think she needs a tank-mate though.


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