A shaggy doggy story

Marley, better known as ‘Doggy’ arrived at some point in 2009. I’ve been looking back at photos to try and work out when the girls first got their Marley dogs. They were a present from dh’s parent, who had spied an offer in the paper to get soft toy Marley dogs to promote the film and had got R and G a small one and a big one each.

G immediately took her small Marley to her heart. Pingu, her favoured bedtime companion was abandoned when he came along. Identical at first, the two small Marleys quickly became distinguishable from each other beacuse R’s was pristine and G’s was….for want of a better word…loved.

Very loved. Doggy quickly became extremely (excuse the pun) dog eared. He went everywhere that G did, except nursery. She used to leave him on the radiator every morning and pick him up from the same spot in the evening.

Note the use of the phrase ‘used to’. I took the girls to the supermarket this morning and this afternoon we realised that he hadn’t come home with us.

I clearly recall G giving me Doggy when we got to the bread aisle because she wanted to hold the crumpets (don’t ask). She asked me to put him in the basket. In reply, I said ‘Don’t forget to take him out later’. We both forgot.

G’s already developed a reputation for being quite scatty. She’s put Doggy down in the street before when something interesting caught her eye. It’s only our vigilance that has kept him safe for so long. That, and the kindness of strangers. On one memorable occasion she left him on the floor of a service station shop and a very nice man noticed and handed it back to us.

Doggy has been on borrowed time for a while. I’m gutted that he finally went missing for good on ‘my watch’. I’m so furious with myself. I even went back to the supermarket this evening to see if they had found him. I spoke to a lovely lady on the customer services desk who took my name and number and promised to call if he turned up. I know we left him in the basket at one of the main checkouts.

Dh and I are devastated. G, aside from an initial panic, seems ok. She has taken a different toy to bed. R’s doggy won’t do because G knows it’s not hers, so it’s not like we can fool her with a different one. When G wakes in the night the first thing she shouts for is me or dh. Once she’s had a cuddle she always asks for doggy. He’s invariably in her hand, but she always makes sure. I don’t know what I’m going to do if she asks for him tonight.

Here they are at the dog show in Nov ’09:

This is a really long shot but if anyone was in the Sainsbury’s on Greenwich Peninsula today (Friday 4th February) and noticed a VERY well loved and grubby dog, please, please hand it in to customer services. G may have moved on (fingers crossed) but dh and I would very much like to have him back.



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