Children’s TV lockdown

We’ve always been quite strict about the type and quantity of television that the girls watch. Although dh and I love watching TV, we’re not the sort of people that switch it on the moment we get up in the morning and leave it on all day. The only time I watch daytime TV is when I’m ill. Frankly, we’ve all got better things to be doing with our time.

R and G didn’t really watch dedicated children’s programmes until they were about 15 months old, and even then it was a few minutes of Teletubbies or In the Night Garden. Even now, I won’t let them watch hours of unscheduled Cbeebies or Nick Jnr. Most of the stuff they watch – Peppa Pig, SpongeBob and Something Special – is generally from Youtube, Iplayer, or downloaded content, modern missies that they are and dh and I normally watch it with them. It’s also in controlled bursts i.e. 5 episodes of The Pig and we do a craft activity; 1 episode of Something Special before tea, etc.

They were both a bit under the weather (again) a couple of weeks ago so I put Cbeebies on. I sat with them and spent much of the time thinking. What’s wrong with (insert name of random presenter here)’s face? Why is that woman so astonishingly perky? What is Nurse Gladys doing with that hedgehog?

We had a meeting with G’s keyworker on Tuesday and she mentioned that G references Peppa Pig in a lot of her imaginative play, along with sealions. When we explained that we went to the Zoo a lot, said keyworker seemed surprised that we allowed the girls to do anything other than watch The Pig. I went into a (rather unnecessary) flap and decided that the girls could go cold turkey on TV for a little while…

…Day 7 of the children’s TV lockdown and neither dh or I have given in yet. We were out last Sunday so day 1 was easy. Days 2 and 3 were nursery days – no TV there. On Day 4 I took the girls to the park and the Maritime Museum in the morning and dh entertained them at home with some painting in the afternoon while I worked. Day 5 – nursery day. Day 6 – took the girls to visit my library and office in the morning and dh took them to the supermarket in the afternoon. We were out and about (admittedly, at the cinema) today.

Which one of us will crack first? Dh is on nights next week so I’ll be up to me to keep them out of the way on their non-nursery days while he sleeps. I’m praying for dry weather so I can take them out.

The girls don’t seem to be missing TV actually. They ask to watch it when they’re tired, but that’s it. I felt rather pleased with myself until we went shopping for a fish tank (they chose the Spongebob one)and swimming costumes (they chose Peppa Pig ones) and I’m willing to bet that G still references The Pig at nursery as well. Sigh.

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