A bit fishy

Next week, the HoT will welcome its fifth and sixth residents: two goldfish.

Exciting huh? If it were up to me we’d have a dog (either a Golden Retriever or a black Labrador), a couple of rabbits, some guinea pigs, some dwarf hamsters and a massive tank of tropical (Nemo and Dory) fish. Sadly, we a. Live in London, and b. Rent, so we’re restricted to fish. Slightly dull maybe, but they’re ideal first pets for R and G.

In my day you decided you wanted a fish, went to the pet shop and came home with a surprised-looking goldfish, a basic tank and a tub of fish flakes. These days you have to buy the tank first (with a filter and water purification paraphernalia), take it home, install it and return to the pet shop at least three days later to purchase the fish. I’m sure it makes sense from an animal welfare perspective but try explaining to two excited little girls that we’re just buying the tank and not the fish, when Wednesday seems like a millions years away to, you hit a spot of trouble. The consoled themselves by selecting the most amazing home for their un-bought pets…

Dh had been looking at fish tanks online. I think he has a hankering for the full-on tropical fish, wooden cabinet underneath experience, but as we’ve not owned ‘hardcore’ fish before, I gently suggested we should see how long we could keep a couple of goldfish alive. He desperately wanted a rather stylish hexagonal glass affair, from which you could view the fish from all sides. I knew the game was up when the girls spotted the ‘character’ fish tanks.

In my day (again) you had either a basic bowl or rectangular affair. No bells, no whistles. Now you can buy Toy Story tanks, Disney Princess tanks and Nemo tanks. You can also buy a SpongeBob Squarepants tank, which the girls decided they wanted and wouldn’t budge. Dh was mildly grumpy, so I pointed out that this was their choice for their first pets. If he wanted to buy some fish for himself, he could choose his own tank.

So, the SpongeBob tank is at home, filled with water and we’re just waiting for the requisite time to pass before taking the girls back to select their fish. G seems pretty set on calling hers Charlie. R wanted to call it Nemo yesterday, but changed her mind to Eddie today. I suspect they may have a few different names before Wednesday.

The tank looks great but the bloody filter makes a terrible racket. In my day…


5 thoughts on “A bit fishy

  1. Ah we also have 2 extra fishy mouths to feed in this house – Cedric and Dougal! They were given to me about 4 years ago by a child I taught and I honestly never thought I would keep them alive for this long! Cedric has a dodgy swim bladdder but whenever we see him swimming sideways we just drop in some medicine and he’s soon right way up! Enjoy your new residents!!

  2. No, my class at the time took a vote! They were given to me to keep in the classroom but I just found it such a hassle cleaning them out etc at school that they came home for one of the holidays and never went back!

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