Mums lie and bears do their business in the woods

I was amused to read an article on the BBC website today: ‘Mothers admit to parenting lies‘ because this is what I (and lots of other sane-ish parents) have been saying for AGES!My favourite bit of the article is the testimony from the mother who claimed she couldn’t come to the phone because her hands were covered in flour from all the wonderful baking she was doing when she was actually in bed. Brilliant!

Being a Mary Poppins Mother is a. Unrealistic and b. Anyone that claims to be perfect is probably lying. Well YUHUH! One of my friends (Jan) has coined the phrase Real Parent (RP) and I’m going to shamlessly steal it. I don’t think I’ve ever lied about my parenting (although the girls did go through a phase of eating more Shepherd’s Pie than was probably healthy for them) but I’ve certainly made much more of an event that the facts warranted. I’ve banged on for ages about the honesty gap in parenting and I’m glad that this is now gaining more recognition.

In the spirit of being a fully-fledged RP, here are a couple of examples of honest parenting:

1. Last weekend we took the girls to the cinema to see Shrek 4 and left after half an hour because they were scared. To pacify them we went to Starbucks and had chocolate brownies.

2. Yesterday I let G have croissants and crumpets for lunch. She did not have any fruit.

Oh! I’m throwing my hands up in horror here! Aren’t we all daft? Being a parent is hard enough without putting on a show of how brilliant we are all the time.

Real Parents rock!



6 thoughts on “Mums lie and bears do their business in the woods

  1. I LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!!!!! You see, dig deeper and uncover the truth. Those that do a seemingly ‘perfect’ job are almost certainly a) Teetering on the edge of a personal crisis. b) Telling big fat whoppers!

    • I also LIKE LIKE LIKE this comment! Why is it that they always talk about what they’ve achieved and don’t mention what they actually did with the children that day? Is it because they were too busy deep cleaning cupboards to spend any time with them?

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