I used to be a houmous refuser – to me, it tasted like wallpaper paste and looked uncannily like vomit. Over the last year or so…I’ve not exactly had an epiphany, but, like bananas and Strictly Come Dancing, I’ve learned to tolerate it.

I now find myself buying houmous for playdates and parties. My thought process is as follows: “What’s reasonably healthy and accompanies carrot sticks, cucumber and breadsticks? I’ll get one of those four-packs of dip – thousand island, sour cream and chive, garlic and herb and that weird cheesy one that tastes nicer than it looks – but I really should get some houmous as well, just in case”.

Here’s the thing. When I’m clearing up afterwards, I discover the tub of houmus. Lid loosened, but otherwise untouched. I’m not talking (insert name of downmarket supermarket) here, but the good stuff. Not that I’d know – it all looks like wallpaper paste mixed with vomit to me. Nevertheless, no-one eats it.

So why do I bother buying it? Good question. I suspect it may be an aspirational thing, coupled with an ‘ITS A PARTY BUT WE’RE HEALTHY TOO!’ statement. Among the crisps, savoury bites and chocolate there are also healthy things, to prove that I’m a brilliant relaxed-but-health-conscious parent. I suppose I could just stop buying houmous and get guacamole for our next event. Does it go with carrot sticks?


One thought on “Houmous

  1. PMSL. I must admit I love houmous, as do the girls, what made me chuckle was your description of the weird cheesy dip – I have never fathomed that out!

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