Things that go bump in the night

Many months after their peers moved from cots to beds, we finally took the sides off the girls’ cotbeds yesterday. We’ve been debating it for months and always had it in our minds that we’d make the transition when the girls started climbing out of their cots, but they never did. I knew the game was up when we went to visit the girls’ old nursery (oh how we miss it) a few weeks ago and I mentioned that we only had two things left to do to help the girls become pre-schoolers rather than toddlers: 1. Get them night trained, 2. Move to beds. To their credit, they disguised their horror/surprise well (about the cots at least) and kindly gave us some advice.

The girls went to bed as normal at 7pm and were rather excited about their ‘Big girl beds’. Instinctively, dh and I went to lift them up to put them in their cots and felt silly when the girls clambered into bed by themselves. They went to sleep pretty quickly and all was well. We had debated buying bed guards but dh po-poohed the idea and was convinced that the girls wouldn’t fall out. I was fairly certain we’d need them. G can fall over walking in a straight line (she gets it from her mother) and has always been a wriggly sleeper so, to my mind, there was no way that she would stay in bed all night.

At 10.30pm we head a ‘bump’ on the monitor (yup, haven’t got rid of that yet either) followed by a wail and G shouting ‘CUDDLE MUMMY’. I went upstairs to find a rather confused G sitting on the floor surrounded by her duvet. If she had been a cartoon she would have had stars and birds whizzing around her head. I gave her a big reassuring cuddle and popped her back into bed. R was snoring throughout.

In total, G fell out of bed a further three times in the night. I sent dh in each time to sort her out. On the last occasion she had fallen out, clambered back into bed herself but had forgotten to take the duvet with her, so he had to help her with that. That’ll learn him, I thought, smugly. R didn’t fall out at all. Typical really.

So, this morning we went out and bought two bed guards – the flexible ‘roll-up and pull out’ variety. Dh paid. They have been installed and the girls are sleeping peacefully. For now at least.


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