Labour of love

Forgive me Blogospehere for I have sinned. I have been a bad, erratic blogger of late. Here’s one of the reasons why:

I actually started this cross-stitch project on Christmas Eve 2008 and originally I planned to give it to the girls – framed – for their 2nd Birthday. Initially, I was able to do lots of work on it but in Summer 2009 I found I had less and less time to do any work on it. In Autumn 2009 we moved house and I didn’t touch it for months.

The threads and board sat on the bookshelf in the living room, taunting me as I sat with my laptop and blogged, or watched television, or played with R and G. I only worked on it when a. The girls were asleep and b. When I wasn’t doing ‘proper’ (paid) worky-work. This compressed the available time into an hour or two a day, which rapidly became an hour or two a week.

The incomplete mice became a bit of a joke in the HoT. I would occasionally pull the board out, sigh and remember how intricate the mice were (do you have any idea how many shades of pink and grey there *actually* are in cross-stitch land?) and hastily shove it out of sight. In it’s unfinished state it taunted me.

Back in the Summer I looked at the (by this time) half-finished project and realised that, with a bit of application on my part, I could get it finished in time for the girls’ 3rd Birthday, in December. 1st December became my deadline and I’m very proud to say that at 11.30pm on 24th November I completed the final stitch.

I already have the frame, bought in a fit of optimism in Spring 2009(!) so I just need to attach the project to some cardboard and wrap it up, ready to present to R and G (who will, I’m sure, be spectacularly unimpressed) on 12th December.

Here are some close up shots, to give you an insight into how tricky it was to complete:

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