Stalking Justin

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the girls love Something Special, so I was extremely excited when I saw that the presenter, Justin Fletcher, would be switching on the Christmas lights at Bluewater last Friday. I mentioned it to dh and he was unsure – would the girls get bored, would they get tired, would they want to go home (projecting, much?) – but I ground him down 😉

The switch-on was scheduled for 5pm so we made our way over to the Christmas Wonderland just beforehand. It was absolute mayhem as you’d expect – buggies and small people everywhere.

An aside. One of my highlights was looking into a pure white (WHITE!)pram and watching a 8(ish) month old hoover up a McDonalds Happy Meal  (chicken nuggets and chips) before my incredulous eyes. It made my Margot antennae twitch, I can tell you…

Anyway, to build up the excitement a band appeared and started warbling Christmas tunes. R tolerated this for a little while, dancing around in dh’s arms before adopting a puzzled expression, looking directly into is eyes and asking in a polite yet firm voice “WHERE’S JUSTIN?”. Dh tried to explain that Justin would be coming on soon. She appeared to be listening, nodded intently, paused for a nanosecond before looking at him again and saying “WHERE IS JUSTIN?”

After what seemed like five years  but in reality was just a few minutes, Justin Fletcher appeared on the stage. At least, I think he did. The stage was a blur in the distance and a small dot wearing a white shirt and black waistcoat was bobbing around on it. It sounded like him anyway.

At this point I forgot my sore throat and started shouting (hoarsely) “IT’S JUSTIN! IT’S JUSTIN! LOOK IT’S JUSTIN!” I may even have jumped up and down with excitement. The last time I got so excited was watching Steps at Wembley Arena during their Steptacular tour in 2000. I almost launched into the OO-A OO-A chant. I was a mere minute away from an OGGY OGGY OGGY moment. I attempted to take a photo and a video but all you can see is a blurry shape bouncing around.

The mere thought being in the presence of Justin was enough and then he started to sing. Oh, it was MARVELLOUS. He did ‘Jump, jive and wail’, ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and ‘Old Macdonald’ before announcing that he was going to do a song that we’d all know – cue a couple of thousand grown men and women tunelessly singing the Something Special theme tune while their offspring gazed at them with ‘They’ve finally lost it’ expressions on their faces.

I’d like to be able to tell you more but at this point G decided she’d had enough and asked (politely) to go home because she was tired. This meant that we missed the big switch-on but to be honest I’m not sure that my throat could have stood any more excitement.

My friends, for a moment we were truly in the presence of greatness. Now. When is Justin touring again….?


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