Peppa Pig – more addictive than Crack*

The girls have replaced their Something Special addiction with the adventures of the cartoon pig and her family and friends. They will happily watch hours of Peppa Pig (if allowed to) and howl with anguish if they are forced to eat food, play with toys or do anything that doesn’t involve the bloody pig. They find the opening sequence (‘I’m Peppa Pig SNORT…’) side-clutchingly hilarious. Every. Single. Time. Our lives are now filled with re-enactments of Peppa Pig stories, dissections of characters over dinner and all manner of Peppa Pig paraphernalia fills our house. (Wouldn’t you love to be the creator of Peppa Pig? They must be worth an absolute fortune).

After Teletubbies (11-18 months, In the Night Garden (18-25 months) and Something Special (26-34 months), it was inevitable that the girls would find a new obsession. It could be worse. It could be Dora the Explorer.

I’m rather hoping that the next obsession will be Charlie and Lola. Whenever we read one of the stories G spends the next three days announcing that whatever random object she’s holding at the time is ‘Actually my favourite dog/cat/piece of chalk/sticker/toilet seat/t-shirt’. Also, I’m rather fond of the animation, the merchandise and of poor long-suffering Charlie.

For now, however, I’ll immerse myself in snorts and bossy retorts.

*Not a Daily Mail headline.

4 thoughts on “Peppa Pig – more addictive than Crack*

  1. Peppa Pig is just so… dull. I don’t get it… (though I’m not a toddler which possibly explains that one). Doing my best to keep it out of my house and give free rein to the current obsession with the Wiggles instead (at least they have catchy songs!)

  2. We’re onto the Peppa Pig stage here at the moment – I always think that I’m quite happy for them to be ‘into’ anything where the characters speak properly and don’t have American accents apologies to anyone that offends)!

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