Monsters Inc.

The HoT has two new inhabitants in the form of some rather active little monsters. Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes R and G do have monster-like tendencies but they have adopted imaginary monsters and treat them like pets.

G’s is a little pink and purple baby monster that gets tired easily and needs lots of cuddles and kisses. Sometimes it gets bigger and scares her (pick the bones out of that one, child psychologists…) but mostly it just sits on the table and sleeps. R’s is HUUUGE, green and called Dominic. It waits outside the front door for R to let it in and it ROARS and stomps around shouting.

It’s fascinating that their imaginary monsters reflect the girls’ personalities. G’s is sweet and kind but occasionally gets angry. R’s is very loud and stompy and likes to let everyone know it exists.

G is much more into the game than R and washes her baby monster in the bath and takes it to bed. R joins in the game but doesn’t initiate it. She’s happy for her monster to exist when she wants to join in G’s game. Otherwise she’s not that fussed.

I don’t know how long the monsters will be with us – they only arrived today – but it’s another fascinating glimpse into the mind of (nearly) three year olds. I’m rather hoping it’s a sign that they have excellent imaginations and doesn’t mean that they’ll be paying vast sums of money to therapists when they grow up!


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