Our big night out

On Saturday Dh and I had our fourth night out since the girls were born and it was the best one yet. We had friends staying for the weekend and to celebrate we booked a babysitter (one of the carers from nursery) and a table at a restaurant close to where I work.

I want to record what I ate as a perfect food memory, so that I can go back and revisit it when I’m feeling down as I know it will always make me happy. For starter I had a half-pint of prawns with aioli sauce, which put my shelling and dissecting skills to the test. My main course was a beautifully creamy piece of sea bream with capers, accompanied by a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc. For dessert I had a chocolate and cherry roulade with cherry ice cream, accompanied by dessert wine. We followed that up with a large cheese platter featuring some amazing ‘blow your head off’ strong cheeses, accompanied by a small glass of port. Quite simply, it was perfect. I had an absolutely amazing evening with great wine, lovely food and fantastic company.

As much as I adore the girls it was simply lovely to have a ‘grown-up’ evening out, safe in the knowledge that they were in very good hands. For the record they slept soundly and weren’t even aware that we had gone out – we did a great job of wearing them out with a trip to the Science Museum during the day – and aside from a few psychedelic cheese dreams (don’t ask…), everything was back to normal on Sunday.


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