The seventh circle of “WHY?”

This evening. Post-nursery. Milk time.

R: Where’s Daddy?

Me: He’s at work

R: Where does Daddy work?

Me: You know the answer – what does Daddy do?

R: He’s a train driver.

G: Why?

Me: That’s his job

G: Why?

Me (attempting distraction) Mummy goes to work on the train

G: Why?

Me: Because it’s the best way to get to Mummy’s work

R: What sort of train? A red one?

Me: No a white one. It goes quite fast

G: Why does it go really fast?

Me: it’s a very big special train that takes lots of Mummies and Daddies to and from work

G: Look! An elephant has fallen in my milk. I’ll get it out!

R: (roars with laughter)

Me: (lies down in darkened room)


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