C is for Ceramicist…

Well, despite my fretting, the girls have taken to their new room at nursery like ducks to the proverbial. They absolutely love it. For the first couple of days they still tried to go into the Bubble Room for breakfast but now they trot over to the Little Stars breakfast table and before dh and I have kissed them goodbye they are munching their cornflakes and chatting with their friends. The transition has been eased considerably by the fact that their little group of friends moved up with them. Many of their friends are now potty training (which makes me wonder why we pushed it earlier…oh! I know!) and apparently sit on their potties or the little toilets (the girls use the toilets at nursery and insist on using their potties at home. Sigh.) together and gossip – surely a precursor to their girlie trips to the loos to chat and apply more lippy when they are older.

It’s certainly tiring them out. G was nodding off to sleep over her pre-bath time milk this evening and R was rubbing her eyes during bedtime stories. They come home with new ‘creations’ almost every day now. Dh: ‘What’s that R?’ R (looks mortally offended): ‘It’s you Daddy’. Dh:(contemplates black squiggles)it’s lovely, thank you R’. R: (rolls eyes). Their speech, already reasonably good, is coming on in leaps and bounds and G in particular comes out with long sentences and Alan Bennett-style monologues that make us shake our heads in disbelief. G already had an extremely good imagination and she’s added even more layers to it in the last few weeks. They aren’t geniuses, or even moderately advanced for their age, but they seem to be doing really well.

Tomorrow a ‘Ceramicist’ is coming in to do mug and plate painting with the children. Once I’d stopped rolling my eyes (can’t think where R gets it from) I filled out the forms (and wrote the cheques) and the girls will be painting a mug each with their full names on. I still get a kick out of seeing their ‘proper’ names in print. They seem to do more activities with outside sources as they get older, so I’ll be selling my body parts to fund their fun.

They are also spending some time in the ‘proper’ pre-school room, which they won’t officially move into until next September (as I said, just normal kids for their age) where they tell us that they ‘do reading’ and ‘Ummm’, apparently. We’ll have to find out a bit more about that. R and G can be slightly unreliable when it comes to information about their day. Me: ‘did you play with L today?’. G: yes. Me: she’s on holiday this week. G: oh.

So, it’s all going well. Dh and I got the girls dressed for nursery this morning and as I waved them off I looked at the two tall slim popular confident blonde girls trotting down the path with their Daddy and felt very proud*

*I still think there was a mix-up a hospital and they aren’t really mine…


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