The end of the toddler years…

….is nigh. Three months today R and G will be celebrating their third birthday (Actually, I very much they’ll be in bed at 9pm after celebrating their birthday). Tomorrow they are (finally, but that’s another story…) moving up from the toddler room at nursery to the Little Star Room, for the children that aren’t quite pre-schoolers  (the girls become Big Stars and official pre-schoolers next September and start school in September 2012) but are beyond the nappies and toy-bashing stage. I’ve been airily telling people that the girls are now junior pre-schoolers but that’s a bit of a lie to be honest and I should shut up and stop wishing their lives away.

The girls know that they will be moving next door tomorrow but they don’t seem that fussed about it. In all honesty, not that much will change from their point of view. R’s key worker is moving up with her so there’s continuity for her. G’s old key worker was the deputy room leader of the toddler room so won’t be moving up but G will now be looked after by the Little Stars room leader who is also the potty and toilet training guru.

They will now do more formal learning – the emphasis in the toddler room was on free play with some learning whereas they will now be put into reading (to) groups and while they won’t exactly be having lessons I’m hoping that the girls will soon realise that they can count beyond 12 and that ‘Eleventy’ isn’t a real number. I’m also hoping that the girls will learn to say ‘Three’ rather than ‘Tree’ – blame their Irish ex-room leader for that one! We say Three Three THREE until we’re blue in the face and the girls don’t take a blind bit of notice.

I’d better say at this point that we do all this learning stuff at home as well but I find that the girls pay much more attention to the nursery staff than us. Plus ca change…

The girls will be moving up with most of their little gang of friends, which I’m really pleased about. This also means that they might leave poor little T alone, one of the new members of the toddler room, probably about 18 months old, that they have recently taken a shine to. They give this poor little thing massive gooey hugs while she stands there looking bemused and (dare I say it?) a little bit terrified.For her sake alone it is very good that they are moving next door.

The girls may not be that bothered (we’ll see how they are tomorrow morning) but Dh and I feel that it is a more momentous change and the start of things to come. The teeny 18 month old toddlers that started at BDN back in June 2009 are now robust, talking, bright (hopefully…) almost pre-schoolers, ready to terrorise their new and existing carers. The Little Stars room is going to be an interesting place for the next year…


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