Preserving a moment of peace

Pretty dull picture: two toddlers asleep? Well yes but there’s a reason for posting it…

R and G haven’t napped in the day since they were 2 years and 5 months old. They are on the go from the moment they wake in the morning until they drop at bedtime. They don’t really ‘do’ down time. They rarely go out in the buggy now and before this picture was taken the Nipper had spend most of the last few months in the car acting as an unused ‘safety net’ when we went on day trips.

I took this picture after an afternoon trip to the shops to buy something for tea. We had already taken the girls to the park in the morning so they were already pretty tired. Normally they walk to the shop but on this occasion I suspected that G’s legs might *actually* fall off so I took the buggy. Normally they demand to  ‘help’ with the shopping but on this occasion they sat in the buggy, talking quietly until they both fell asleep.

They are now moving rapdily away from toddlerdom to the pre-school stage and moments like the one captured here are now extremely rare. I was able to get the shopping in peace for a change! Seriously, though, I felt I had to capture this moment. R and G are nearly 3 years old and are becoming little girls. We aren’t going to get this time back. Short of preserving them in aspic (whilst asleep of course!) this is my only opportunity to capture such moments because soon the buggy will be gone and the girls won’t get so tired in the day that they need to have the occasional power-nap any more.

As much as I’m enjoying watching and helping them grow up I also want to remember the girls like this. All to soon they will grow up and moments like this will be a distant memory.


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