Right hand, left hand

R and G are genetically idential. No dispute about that. We’ve been there, had the DNA test done. However, R is definitely right-handed and G appears to be left-handed  – or at least, she seems to favour her left hand more for tasks like drawing. Dh and I are both right-handed and so we naturally give things to the girls from our right to their right and we’ve noticed that G usually swaps the item into her left hand.

I need to do some detailed research on this but a very quick trawl reveals that 20% of ID twins have one right-handed twin and one left-handed twin – I’m fairly confident that I can find some more detailed research on this subject so I’ll do a thorough literature search soon (you can keep the girl out of the library…) but it’s another fascinating twist in our twin story.


5 thoughts on “Right hand, left hand

  1. Pete and Wayne arent identical twins but Wayne is left handed and Pete is right handed. What strikes me as odd is that Pete eats the left handed way and Wayne eats the right handed way!

    My children are all from the same parents, same decade, grew up in same house and yet they are sooo different! Leah is left handed while the other two are right handed and they all have different colour eyes! Its fascinating to discover the amazing differences that children from the same parents have!

  2. I think the thing that really blows my tiny mind is that R and G came from the same egg and a random act caused it to split and you’d expect them to do everything the same because of that and they don’t. It’s all little twists and tweaks that science doesn’t seem to have the answers for yet. Fascinating stuff!

  3. Maybe your sons are mirror twins. To find more info on handedness, try http://www.ingentaconnect.com, a database for scholarly research, and type in “twins handedness.” You’ll find a ton of research studies on the subject. BTW, I have fraternal twins and one is a rightie, the other a leftie. We have no other lefties in our family. Fascinating stuff. Could it be just because they’re twins? Does something happen in utero to cause it?

    • I have just found your book on Amazon. I didn’t know I was being visited by twin mum/author royalty – I feel extremely honoured!
      I have now ordered a copy of your book…

      (I still haven’t had time to research the right hand/left hand thing by the way…)

  4. Thanks Christina – they are girls 🙂

    There is a (unproven) theory that they develop different handedness in utero to accommodate each other in the confined space but I haven’t had a chance to follow this up yet. Thanks for the link.

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