Maybe I’m amazed

Sometimes your children really take you by surprise…in really fantastic ways.

Today I had what can best be described as a rubbish day at work. Nothing major: just other people not doing their jobs properly and battling with a ‘secure’ IT system that is so ‘secure’ that it doesn’t work properly half the time. It’s fair to say that on my journey home I was in a bit of a grump. I have a deal with myself that if I’ve had a bad day at work I will try and get over it by the time I pick the girls up from nursery. Today I managed to do that by listening to MmmBop by Hanson – oi, you – stop sniggering at the back! I’m sorry, but you cannot listen to that song and feel remotely down.

I walked into nursery, the girls squealed with delight and dashed over to give me hugs and kisses (nice to feel wanted) and I noticed that G was in exactly the same outfit that she was dropped off in this morning. It was a bit grubby, covered in yellow paint, but definitely the same top and leggings. No biggie for a 2 year old really but I was truly taken aback. She didn’t have an accident all day. That’s amazing. A week ago – a WEEK! – she was still in nappies full-time and now she’s basically potty trained herself. That’s flipping awesome!

I take absolutely zero credit for this, much as I’d like to! She really has done it all by herself, motivated by the promise of a Peppa Pig sticker every time she uses the potty successfully. The room leader said they were so proud of G because she’s gone from nowhere to their potty training star in the last few days. She said that it just goes to show that you really do have to be guided by what the child wants. G knew exactly what she had to do – she’d seem R do it enough times – but had to do it when she felt ready and comfortable and now, apparently, she is.

I’m not daft. I know we’ll have good and bad days for a good while yet but maybe, just maybe they might both be potty trained by their third birthday.

Just don’t mention toilet training, ok? They are still terrified by ‘Mummy and Daddy’s toilet’, despite their little seat and stool. Can’t have it all though!


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