Welcome to HoT 2.0!

If you’ve been following the antics of House of Twins on Blog.co.uk since January 2008, welcome back! Those shoes are gorgeous and is that a new haircut? Thanks for following us over here. I’m not planning to change too much so make yourselves comfy, grab a drink and a handful of crisps and I’ll be back with you in a minute.

If you’ve inadvertently stumbled across this blog on your voyage across t’internet then I shall wave hello <HELLO!> and welcome you to HoT as well – you’re looking lovely. Have you been on holiday? Hopefully you’ll come back as well from time to time…

So, HoT 1.0 lived on another blog hosting site and over the last year or so, as I’ve become increasingly blog-savvy, I have become a bit fed-up with closed nature of that site. WordPress meets my needs so much better and so I’ve decided to make a new home over here.

My old blog host was SO stupid that I coldn’t actually transfer my old posts over here in any normal way. They have been grouped into PDF files and are here if you’re bored enough to read them (warning: they are small novels so I’d advise reading them – extremely – selectively):

House of Twins – Jan-Aug 2010

House of twins 1.0 – 2009

House of Twins 1.0 – 2008

So, that’s where we were and here is where we are now. Got that? Good. I’ll be asking questions later…


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