House of Twins – Q&A

So, for the benefit of any new readers and for any regulars that would like a refresher, here’s a House of Twins Q&A:

What is HoT?

I started blogging back in January 2008 on a Sunday afternoon when my five week old twin girls were sleeping between feeds and I felt like I was losing my mind. Initially it lived on a website called Babycentre, which I joined when I was pregnant. Then I moved it over to in April 2008 where it became House of Twins, or HoT for brevity.

Why write yet another boring blog about babies?

There are about twenty zillion parenting blogs out there. Many of them are shite. I’m sorry, but they are. Most are started in the first flush of pregnancy in that ‘I’m the first person to have a BAYBEE ever. Aren’t I AMAAAAZING?’ phase that only first-time expectant parents go through and list amazing achievements like ‘My baby is SMILING and it is only EIGHT weeks old. I have birthed a GENIUS’! Actually, some of my posts are a bit like that but I try to rein it in, promise. I always aimed to offer a slightly different take on things.

I actually wanted to be honest about parenting. Specifically, the difficulties associated with parenting twins. Many blogs fall into the trap of presenting a rose-tinted view of having babies and I wanted to tell people the truth. Yes, some bits are brilliant but there are also phases where everything is just horrible. I love my girls, my goodness I love them to bits but there have been many, many occasions in the last two years and eight months when I have fantasised about walking out of my house and running off to Peru. Through writing HoT I found out that this was absolutely normal.

I talk about the stuff that other people are afraid to tell you, like the horrors of pregnancy, the reality of giving birth, how debilitating sleepless nights really are, the agonies of: weaning, controlled crying, routines, potty traning; and the really nasty stuff like anxiety and depression and baby poo. I also wanted to put a vaguely humorous slant on all this stuff so as not to put off anyone that might be thinking of having babies!

I try to balance this out with cool stuff though,  like being told that your twins are non-identical and finding out when they are thirteen months old that they are actually genetically identical and feeling like a fool; becoming a (minor) local celebrity; the joys of witnessing the interactions of twins; gloating over their achievements; watching them grow up into little people and think that maybe, just maybe, I might not be quite as bad at this parenting lark as I often (and by often I mean every single day) think I am.

How do I find the time to write HoT?

Simple answer: I don’t. It used to be easier when the girls napped during the day but now I just about manage to dash on and write a post in the evening after putting the girls to bed, spending some time with DH (Darling Husband) in case you’re wondering, working (oh yeah, I work full time as well), having a (limited) social life and keeping up with current affairs like X Factor and Supersizers…

This is actually good news for you. Subscribing to and reading HoT is not going to take up hours of your time. I usually manage to write a dozen posts a month (sometimes less, sometimes more) so it’s a fairly limited investment.

Is there anything you don’t talk about?

1. I won’t refer to anyone by their full name – occasionally R and G will be referred to by their proper names – but all of the adults, and the children that don’t belong to me are referred to by first initial only
2. I won’t whinge about dh. I have never been a ‘Sex and the City’ type woman that sits with her ‘girlfriends’ and discusses intimate details of relationships and I’ve carried that practice over to my blog. My relationship with dh is private and I choose to keep it that way.
3. I won’t slag off people I know in ‘real life’ – if you’re looking for soap-style whingeing about family and friends, you won’t find it here. There have been MANY occasions when I have had a bad day, wanted to write a spleen-venting blog about someone and had to physically restrain myself from typing out something nasty and pressing ‘submit’. From time to time a real life person tells me they have been mortally offended by something I have written that they felt was directed at them. I can honestly tell them it wasn’t.
4. I won’t tell you what I had for breakfast. Honestly, who cares?

Aren’t your children going to hate you when they are old enough to read this?

Probably. They’ll hate me anyway so I may as well give them good reason…


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